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Healthy and Environmental Cleaning System (HECS)

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HECS Products

  HECS 2000

Anti-microbial cleaner for carpet & fabric odour removal

HECS 2000 is a two part anti-microbial cleaning product that is designed for use on flood, effluent and urine (human) affected carpets. It is effective on most cat/dog/human urine and faeces stains.

It is an extreme wetting agent, 100 times wetter than water allowing it to carry the anti-microbial right through the fibre, as well as brick, concrete and timber.

HECS 2000 is not a detergent

  HECS 5000

Pre spray/accelerator/spot cleaner for carpet & fabric

HECS 5000 cleaning solution used to reactivate or clean fabrics before and after the protector is applied. HECS 5000 works well on wool, nylon and fabric.

  HECS 2700

Anti-microbial protector for wool carpet.

  HECS 2400

Anti-microbial protector for synthetic carpet.

  HECS 2900

Anti-microbial protector for fabric.

These 3 protectors each have a stain release polymer and anti-microbial for a permanent self-sterilising treatment. This stops bacteria and mould growing.

  HECS 2700

Algae and mould remover

HECS 2700 can be used to remove algae, moss and green slime from concrete, pavings, bricks and general surfaces such as in the bathroom. A mildly alkaline solution whose action is brief and immediate because of its combination with organisms and organic matter. Effectively prevents new growth up to 10 times or more of comparable product.

  HECS 2500 R.T.U.

An anti-microbial built into a unique polymer which offers a permanent, self sterilising treatment. Great for benches, food preparation, sinks and any hard surface.


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