Why should my carpets be steam-cleaned, when my friend had hers done and they were left saturated and smelly?

The professionally trained technicians at Able Carpet Care have the best steam cleaning equipment and knowledge to avoid these problems. We use advanced cleaning systems/solutions to remove soils and stains, and extract water from your fibre to leave it clean and fresh.

What is the preferred method and best clean?

Hot water extraction steam cleaning is the only thorough restoration clean you that can be perform on your carpets, rugs, upholstery or curtains. Dry cleaning is a great way to freshen up your fibre. Able Carpet Care recommends to dry cleaning of fibres every 2-4 months and hot water extraction steam cleaning of fibres every 12-24 months. By removing soil, stains and the build-up of allergens such as dust and pollens, your home or work place will look and feel clean and fresh.

How long does it take for fibres to dry after they have been steam cleaned?

Drying time of fibres will depend on the dwelling. Air circulation and heat will assist the drying process. Generally, drying will be achieved in 4-24 hours. A drying service is available at a small cost and will reduce drying time.

Why should I have a quality vacuum cleaner?

A quality twin motored vacuum cleaner is the key to keeping your carpets clean and will prolong the life of your asset.

How often should I spot clean my carpets myself?

Spot cleaning should be performed monthly or more often as required. Able Carpet Care is always available for spot cleaning advice.

How often should our carpets, rugs, upholstery and curtains need servicing?

Manufacturers recommend regular maintenance cleaning of your fibres and fabrics every 6-24 months.

How often should I vacuum my carpets rugs and upholstery?

This is dependent on traffic. However, generally, once a week with a quality twin motored vacuum and more often as required.

Does regular steam cleaning damage my fibres and fabrics long-term?

Regular cleaning increases the life of the fibres and fabrics and decreases the risk of permanent damage caused by wear, soiling and spills.

Why do you have a minimum charge?

The minimum charge covers our operators time to travel to the job, setup and return.

Can your cleaning products be harmful, especially to babies?

We use safe and environmentally friendly cleaning products. Please ask the operator for more information.

Do my fibres and fabrics need protection?

Fibre and fabric protection will assist in many ways to increase the life of your asset. Fabric protector provides long term protection against stains. It has high degree of permanency and fights against mould and mildew. Protector also helps to reduces colour fade by protecting from UV A+B rays and its anti-static properties enhance customer comfort.

Can viscose rugs be cleaned?

Yes, of course. Viscose fibres are delicate, so we use extra care and attention when cleaning these fibres.

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